Where do I get an application?
Applicants may obtain City of Page employment applications in three ways:
1. Obtain the application form(s) online by clicking “How to Apply”, and then scrolling down.
2. Pick up an employment application at the City of Page City Hall which is located at 697 Vista Avenue, Page, Arizona 86040.
3. Request that an employment application form be sent to you via U.S. Mail by calling (928) 645-4231.

Where do I submit an application?
Applicants may submit applications in four ways:
1. Applications may be mailed to City of Page Human Resource Department, P.O. Box 1180, Page, Arizona;
2. Applications may be faxed to (928) 645-4233 with the original sent through the U.S. Mail to the City of Page Human Resources Department, P.O. Box 1180, Page, Arizona 86040
3. Applications may be hand-delivered to City Hall at 697 Vista Avenue, Page, Arizona.
4. Emailed to our Human Resource Department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
5. Fill out the City of Page Online Application Form NOTE: You can attach resumé there as well.

May I leave a copy of my resume on file for future job openings?
Because of the volume of inquiries that the City of Page receives, we do not keep resumes on file. The City of Page only accepts applications for positions that are currently open.

Do I need to submit a separate application for each position for which I wish to apply?
A separate application is required for each position for which you apply. Photocopies of applications are acceptable; however, each application must have an original signature and the correct job title. Each application submitted may contain only one job vacancy title.

Do I have to fill out all portions of the application if I attach a resume?
You must completely fill out all sections of the application even if you attach a resume.

Please explain the application closing date.
The application must be received by 5:00 P.M., M.S.T., on the final filing date in order to be considered; however, to meet the 5:00 P.M. deadline, applications may be faxed to (928) 645-4233 with the original sent through the U.S. Mail to the City of Page Human Resource Department, P.O. Box 1180, Page, Arizona 86040.


Explain the testing process.
Some positions require tests for screening purposes. If the vacancy announcement indicates a date, time, and place for testing, all applicants must take the test. Otherwise, if required, tests are scheduled by individual Departments. If chosen for interview and the Department in which the position exists requires a test, you will be notified of the time and location of the test at the time that you are notified of the interview. A passing score must be achieved on all required tests. Test scores are valid for one (1) year.

Explain the application screening process.
An applicant must meet the minimum qualifications as stated on the job description. Applicants are evaluated on the basis of prior training, experience, and education in the areas deemed most important to successful performance on the job. The highest-rated candidates are invited to interview for the position.

How long after I apply might I be called for an interview?
The time varies depending upon the Department involved; however, you may contact the Human Resource Department at (928) 645-4231 for updated information.

How often is job vacancy information updated?
Job vacancy information on the Web is updated as positions are filled or opened. Please note that the availability of each position is subject to change at any time.

Where else can I find information about job vacancies?
All open positions are posted at the City of Page City Hall, 697 Vista Avenue, Page, Arizona, and may be posted in the local newspaper. Technical and professional positions may be posted on the internet on industry related job boards.

Employment Benefits
The City of Page has a competitive employment benefit package offering medical, dental, and vision insurance. In addition, the City of Page offers a retirement package for all full time positions. Most City of Page employees are covered under the Arizona State Retirement System, while our Public Safety Department employees are covered under the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System. The City of Page provides life insurance benefit for each full time employee. Permanent employee’s accrue sick leave, vacation leave as personal leave as governed by the City of Page Personnel Rules. If you have any questions regarding the City’s employee benefits, please feel free to contact the Human Resource Department.