Thank you for considering employment with the City of Page. Our goal is to ensure that each applicant is fairly treated and fully recognized for all relevant experience and training. Please assist us by carefully reading the following guidelines before filling out your application. You are encouraged to call the Human Resource Department, (928) 645-4231, if you need further assistance.

  1. The City of Page only accepts applications for open positions. Applicants must submit a completed job application for each position for which they are applying.
  2. Please check for current vacancies by clicking “Employment Opportunities”. If there are positions for which you qualify, you may complete your application process by completing the application form(s) and submitting them in any one of these ways:
    1. You can email the form(s) to our Human Resource Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or print the application form(s) and fax the form(s) to (928) 645-4233.
    2. You can mail your completed original application form(s) to the City of Page Human Resource Department, P.O. Box 1180, Page, Arizona, 86040.
    3. You can personally deliver your application form(s) to City of Page City Hall at 697 Vista Avenue, Page, Arizona.
    4. Fill out the City of Page Online Application Form NOTE: You can attach resumé there as well.
  3. Your application is the first step toward employment with the City of Page. You should make certain that each answer is complete and easy to read.
  4. Your application introduces you to us. Therefore, you should provide detailed information about your experience and education. You may add additional pages if you wish. Do not let the application form limit you in your transmittal of information to us. You may, of course, attach a detailed resume to your application.
  5. You should make certain that you clearly provide us with information about prior training, experience, and education in the areas indicated on the job announcement.
  6. Please note the closing date of the position for which you are applying and whether there is any testing that must be completed during the application process.

Employment Application Forms For Regular Employment: