Ordinance: Title 15, Ch.152.057(C)(2)(a, d)


(C) Fences, walls and screening. Standards set forth in this section protect the visual quality of the public realm by establishing screening requirements for various land use and development conditions.

(2) General fence and wall regulations.

(a) All general perimeter and on-site fences and walls shall adhere to the city adopted building codes and be constructed of long-lasting materials, such as vinyl, wood, masonry, stone, decorative metal, and be architecturally integrated with the building design. Within the RE, Commercial, Industrial and Airport Zoning Districts, chain link fences may be allowed with the approval of the Community Development Department.
(d) Barbed wire fences shall be prohibited in all zoning districts except in the SC and IP District and for temporary construction sites, provided that the barbed wire is located six feet or more above grade. Temporary barbed wire fencing located on construction sites shall be removed from the site at the time of final inspection, or a certificate of occupancy will not be issued.