Ordinance: Title 15, Ch.152.057(C)(3)(a-b)


(C) Fences, walls and screening. Standards set forth in this section protect the visual quality of the public realm by establishing screening requirements for various land use and development conditions.

(3) General wall and fence height standards.

(a) Fences or walls located between the front yard building setback line and the front property line of a lot may not exceed four feet in height.
(b) In areas behind a required front yard building setback and within the required rear and side yards, including walls for single family dwellings, the maximum height of walls shall be six feet, as measured from the finish grade, except where a taller wall is necessary for screening purposes. Where two lots abut one another, but have differing finish grades, the wall height shall be limited to six feet on the high side and eight feet on the low side. Modifications of these requirements shall require written request and approval of the Community Development Department.

Applicable Definition(s):

SETBACK. The required minimum horizontal distance between the building line and the related front side, or rear property line.