Ordinance: Title 9, Ch.91.05(H)

§ 91.05 PUBLIC NUISANCE PROHIBITED. The following acts, omissions, conditions and things in or upon any land or structure in the city, or the failure to comply with any of the following standards constitute public nuisances, the existence of which are hereby prohibited and declared to be unlawful; the provisions of this section are not exclusive and may be duplicative of other provisions, codes and regulations adopted by the city; all provisions, codes and regulations of the city, including those in this section, may be applied cumulatively or separately for purposes of enforcement. (1976 Code, § 9-1-5) (Ord. 593-12, passed 8-8-2012; Ord. 628-16, passed 6-22-2016) Penalty, see § 10.99

(H) No owner or occupant of land, whether improved or unimproved, shall allow trees, shrubs or plant growth on that land to encroach upon or impede, obstruct or interfere with passage on, any street, sidewalk, easement or alley within the city or to obstruct visibility of any traffic control device or signal, or dead, decayed, diseased or hazardous trees, weeds, hedges, and overgrown or uncultivated vegetation which is in a hazardous condition or which is likely to harbor rats, vermin or other pests. This section does not apply to properly maintained compost bins.

Applicable Definition(s):

PLANT GROWTH. Vegetation, whether living or dead, such as grass, weeds, vines, bushes, cactus or trees.

WEEDS. Any vegetation which is, or is likely to be, detrimental, destructive or unsightly and difficult to control or eradicate, including, but not limited to, bull thistle, cocklebur, foxtail, horseweed, lambsquarters, London rocket, mallow, milkweed, pigweed, mustards, prickly lettuce, ragweed, Russian thistle, goat heads, tumble weeds, sheperdspurse, sow thistle, White Horse-nettle, willow-weed and those types of plant growth defined as noxious weeds by A.R.S. § 3-201 regardless of whether a particular property owner or occupant who is the subject of enforcement action under this code regards the growth as desirable.