Ordinances: Title 9, Ch.91.05(A-B). See also Title 15 Land Usage: Chapter 150 Buildings.

§ 91.05 PUBLIC NUISANCE PROHIBITED. The following acts, omissions, conditions and things in or upon any land or structure in the city, or the failure to comply with any of the following standards constitute public nuisances, the existence of which are hereby prohibited and declared to be unlawful; the provisions of this section are not exclusive and may be duplicative of other provisions, codes and regulations adopted by the city; all provisions, codes and regulations of the city, including those in this section, may be applied cumulatively or separately for purposes of enforcement. (1976 Code, § 9-1-5) (Ord. 593-12, passed 8-8-2012; Ord. 628-16, passed 6-22-2016) Penalty, see § 10.99

    1. It shall be unlawful to maintain any condition defined as or deemed to be a nuisance or hazard to the public health, safety or welfare by any statute of the state or any code or ordinance adopted by the city.
    2. Any attractive nuisance, dangerous to children and other persons including, but not limited to, abandoned, broken, or neglected household appliances, equipment and machinery, abandoned foundations or excavations, or improperly maintained or secured pool, hot tub or spa.

Applicable Definition(s):

HAZARD. A condition that presents a threat to life or public safety or that may cause physical harm in violation of Chapter 150 of this code of ordinances.