Basketball Tournament Winners

Congratulations to the Alphaletes: Maurice Smith, Robert Smith, Jonah Holiday, and Lewis Tate from Page, Arizona, for winning the 2024 3v3v3 Basketball Tournament. The Alphaletes received a grand prize of $500 and commemorative basketballs.

The Colts: Nygle Tsinnie, Jeff Endischee, Brendon Lane, and Camryn Nockideneh from Page, Arizona, won second place and received $300 and commemorative basketballs.

Nemesis: Beau B., Micah B., Tobe B., and Elder Dwaileebe from Phoenix, Arizona, won third place and received $150 and a commemorative basketball.

Brendon Lane from Page, Arizona, scored a 20 out of 20 during the free-throw shootout competition and received a flat screen TV.

First Place:

Second Place:

Third Place:


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