Public Works

The Public Works Department provides quality service to the citizens of Page and visitors through the management of facilities; parks, cemetery, and trails; streets; fleet maintenance; sanitation and recycling; and information technology. The Public Works Department endeavors to provide conditions considered safe and attractive. The Public Works Department performs in such a manner as to ensure the long-term performance of the City’s infrastructure.

Public Works Department Divisions:

Facilities Division

The Public Works Department Facilities Division maintains all City owned facilities in a manner that provides a quality work atmosphere for City employees and which is conducive to productive interaction with City business owners, contractors, the general public, tourists, and other visiting agencies and vendors.

Cemetery Division

The Public Works Department Division attentively addresses the needs of municipal landscaped area of the cemetery and strive to present the City of Page as a clean, well-maintained environment. The Public Works Division promotes a safe and enjoyable experience for people utilizing the cemetery provided by the City.

Street Division

The Public Works Street Division maintains streets, rights-of-way, pathways, and associated drainage and signs to provide safe and efficient travel for the citizens of Page and visitors to the City. The Public Works Street Division responds to community needs and develops operational plans to provide the level of service expected in the community within its budgetary limitations.

Fleet Maintenance Division

The Public Works Department Fleet Maintenance Division performs and manages maintenance of all the equipment, cars, trucks, and other vehicles in the City fleet. The Public Works Fleet Maintenance Division strives to maintain the fleet in operating condition and appearance in order to present a positive image of the staff and operations of the City of Page.


Kyle Christiansen
Public Works Director

#12 Seventh Avenue
Page, AZ 86040

Phone: 928-645-4302

U.S. Mail Address:
City of Page
P.O. Box 1180
Page, AZ 86040

Express Mail Address:
Page City Hall
967 Vista Avenue
Page, AZ 86040

Telephone: (928) 645-4300
Fax Number: (928) 645-4307
E-Mail: E-mail Kyle Christiansen or E-mail Public Works

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