Thanks to all who have completed their hangar inspections! If you still need to schedule an appointment for inspections, please contact the airport office.

Planning on selling or subleasing your hangar? Please be advised that per your lease you must notify the airport office. Any sublet must receive prior written consent from the City.


7-25 is now officially closed.

With the closure of 7-25, the area North of the T-hangars is now open for development. If you are interested in building a hangar or other airport-related building, please contact the airport office.

The VASI will be replaced with PAPI this fall (more details to follow).


This summer, Airport Ops will be painting hangar designators on the apron in front of each hangar. This will ensure a prompt and accurate response from Emergency Services when needed and help to increase safety and security. The timeline will be posted here when exact dates are known.

Please note, these designators are the new letter/number combinations established in 2021. If you have not done so already, use these new numbers moving forward on all appropriate documents. These designators are on file with the Assessor’s Office of Coconino County.

Please see the aerial hangar diagram below for a snapshot of the designators. If you have any questions about your hangar designator, please contact the airport office.

Airport office contact: Lore at ldavismccluskey@pageaz.gov or call (928) 645-4240

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