Each year the City Council members review the goals and priorities for the City of Page. The City Council members then prioritize a number of projects in its continued efforts to improve the community. Each Council member has provided their own priorities list and the Council as a whole has submitted a list of Strategic Priorities. Throughout the year the Council evaluates and discusses how to further these priorities.

2018 City Council Strategic Priorities

Council Member Priorities

  1. Secure a revenue stream to service bond debt load.
  2. Increase water allocation
  3. Infrastructure improvements


  •  To Follow


  • To Follow


Vision and Council Priorities:

  • Integrity, Accountability and Transparency in all phases to our citizens and city staff.
  • Fiscal Responsibility in future Budgets and spending requests brought to council
    • We must work with and support our City Manager and Department Heads on review and approval of spending requests with an eye on a realistic budget for 2021-2022 and forward so we continue with the fiscal responsibility that has been established. 
  • Responsive and accurate replies to citizen requests and inquiries and council input from city staff.
  • City Zoning Project completed ASAP
  • Strategic Planning
  • Revitalization of our downtown thru the streetscape project and driving business opportunities not just in Block 17 but elsewhere.
    • Tourism is our current and future for Page.  To drive tourism we must continue enhancing the our downtown, not just in type of business but of curb appeal.  The east side of LP Boulevard needs benches, shrubbery
  • Revenue opportunity at Horseshoe Bend to take advantage of its worldwide popularity thru Phase 3 building and completion.  This will enhance Sales Tax revenue which will help drive   

continued enhancement of our parks, bike and hiking trails, and golf course for recreation, relaxation and special events for our citizens and tourist-based economy. 

  • We continue to have a housing challenge for medium and low income and seasonal individuals and families.   Help developers by having accurate parcel zoning and infrastructure plans in place that are conducive to timely development.
  • Continue to work with city staff on review and update of our 5-year plan to complement and guide future budgets for capital spend for needed projects and equipment as well as infrastructure needs including streets, water and sewer, and power.


  1. Support Economic Development and Tourism, including, but not limited to the Page-Lake Powell Balloon Regatta the Signature Event of Page.
  2. Housing, both low income and market based (Apartments, Condominiums, Single-family).
  3. Support the Police and Fire Departments, address the Staffing and Equipment issues.
  4. Re-look at water allocation, projections have us at capacity in 2040. We need to secure more water now, to protect our future.
  5. Fiscal Responsibilities to the Citizens of Page. Maintain a Balanced Budget, increase the Reserve Fund, pay off bonds and debt.
  6. Invest in infrastructure; rebuild roads identified as deficient in the last audit. Continue working with Staff on the Pavement Management Plan.
  7. Safety of the Citizens and Visitors to Page.