Each year the City Council members review the goals and priorities for the City of Page. The City Council members then prioritize a number of projects in its continued efforts to improve the community. Each Council member has provided their own priorities list and the Council as a whole has submitted a list of Strategic Priorities. Throughout the year the Council evaluates and discusses how to further these priorities.

2018 City Council Strategic Priorities

Council Member Priorities

2019 / 2020

Community Investment

  • Pool
  • Amphitheater
  • Trail system


  • Welcome to Page: 3 Entrances
  • Bikes Lane Striping
  • Attractions: Horseshoe / Antelope Canyon
  • 25 mile/hr. Road Paint, Commercial Route Designations
  • Sand Devil Nation

Community Engagement

  • Page Attacks Trash
  • Board BBQ
  • Schools: Sand Devil Nation

Employee Moral / Pride

  • Pay / Class and Comp / Benefits

Economic Development

  • Housing
  • Water
  • Education
  • Restaurants


  • Navajo Nation
  • Park Service
  • County
  • State and Fed


  • Horseshoe Bend, Highway 89 corridor
  • Substance Abuse
  • Speeding, Traffic Control (in town)
  1. Secure a revenue stream to service bond debt load.
  2. Increase water allocation
  3. Infrastructure improvements


  •  To Follow


  • To Follow


2019 - Beyond Priorities

  • Encourage small local businesses to open, grow and thrive in Page.
  • Re-visit regulatory hurdles that hinder the opening or expansion of small businesses.
  • Partner where we can with small businesses to encourage blight reduction and grow revenue. Operate in a budget surplus, pay down long term debt obligations and carefullyscrutinize additional debt burdens.
  • Seek and support partnerships to improve blighted neighborhoods and rental properties.
  • Full support to the existing efforts to repair aging infrastructure of Page.
  • Carefully scrutinize the sale of land to project developers to ensure proper fit of service to our community and visiting public that stays in alignment with the long term vision for Page.
  • Full support to ongoing efforts to address local housing needs.
  • Support the efforts to accelerate ongoing street maintenance projects.
  • Contribute to ongoing efforts to improve commercial aviation service to the Page community. Support public safety needs to ensure they have the tools and training necessary to provide professional and timely service.
  • Encourage further development of community policing practices.
  • Be an active liaison to the Planning and Zoning Commission.


  • The City of Page and its governing staff are here to serve the residents.
  • Page city government must operate in a fiscally conservative manner and be as small as possible to complete its responsibilities to the citizens.
  • Citizens input and opinions are always welcomed.
  • To listen first and speak last.
  • Look for chances to eliminate redundancies or combine efforts to reduce costs.


  • Cultivate a culture where Page can become a tech smart city by putting technology to work for us.
  • Align the Page downtown business district with technology to enhance the visitor experience where businesses, guests and residents can interact digitally in real time.
  • Bring Page PD & FD as well as the other local public safety entities together sharing live digital information projected through this new technology pipeline.
  • Support the integration project of Page Unified School District live information sharing to local public safety officials to enhance school safety.
  • Open a channel of communication (app) where citizens become the eyes and ears of their neighborhoods to assist public safety to become more proactive.


  • To Follow

Short Term - One Year:
(No order of preference)

4. Budget and Finance Priorities

• Maintain fiscal integrity and identify key result areas and goals to accomplish within the current budget year.
• Identify measures to enhance the City’s revenue stream such as:
• Evaluate existing Model City Tax Code to assure that we are gaining all fair and equitable forms of tax revenue.
• Collaborate with the business community to create ways to provide for business development and revenue enhancement.
• Conduct City-owned land audit to identify parcels with potential sales and specific development potential.

5. Tourism, Economic and Community Development priorities:

• Commission a master plan design for the Horseshoe Bend open space, parking and trail corridor.

6. Other

• Evaluate pay and benefit package for city employees with help from third party survey of other benchmark communities inclusive of private sector jobs. Include analysis and financial viability of ASRS and PSPRS pension plans and explore all options.


Long Term - Two-Five Years:

1. Budget and Finance

• Establish a five-year financial plan encompassing bond debt, staff restructuring, community development, beautification and city programs.

2. Tourism, Economic and Community Development

• Seek funding and development of improvements at the Horseshoe Bend parking, trail and open space.
• Establish a city/neighborhood revitalization and improvement program and develop an organizational process to tackle the breadth of housing, neighborhood and city-wide degradation issues.
• Review, update, overhaul or abandon the existing Gateway Development Plan in lieu of a new comprehensive community development ordinance.


  1. Support Economic Development and Tourism, including, but not limited to the Page-Lake Powell Balloon Regatta the Signature Event of Page.
  2. Housing, both low income and market based (Apartments, Condominiums, Single-family).
  3. Support the Police and Fire Departments, address the Staffing and Equipment issues.
  4. Re-look at water allocation, projections have us at capacity in 2040. We need to secure more water now, to protect our future.
  5. Fiscal Responsibilities to the Citizens of Page. Maintain a Balanced Budget, increase the Reserve Fund, pay off bonds and debt.
  6. Invest in infrastructure; rebuild roads identified as deficient in the last audit. Continue working with Staff on the Pavement Management Plan.
  7. Safety of the Citizens and Visitors to Page.