Each year the City Council members review the goals and priorities for the City of Page. The City Council members then prioritize a number of projects in its continued efforts to improve the community. Each Council member has provided their own priorities list and the Council as a whole has submitted a list of Strategic Priorities. Throughout the year the Council evaluates and discusses how to further these priorities.

2016 City Council Strategic Priorities

Council Member Priorities

  • Mayor Bill Diak Open or Close


    • Do not reinvent the wheel
    • Fine tune those things that are working
    • Change those that do not
    • Build a plan
    • Think outside the box
    • Work to consensus
    • Respect others opinions
    • Be professional
    • Listen
    • Foster accountability
    • Learn
    • Look to the future
    • Use resources wisely
    • Get the most bang for buck
    • Improve city imag
    • Replace I with we
    • Be positive
    • Work as a council not as an individual


    • Set up protocols for Council and Mayor How Council and Mayor address one another in public
    • How direction is given to City Manager from Council
    • Work toward consensus on decisions that Council differ on
    • Support of decisions made by Council
    • Respect others opinions
    • Be more proactive to citizens
    • Plan agenda more than one week in advance, i.e.: work sessions, plan for the future not tomorrow
    • Work toward those issues citizens feel are more important to them, i.e.: infrastructure, city image, direction of growth, youth activities, clean up the parks, public safety and tourist activities on the mesa


    • Use resources wisely
    • Be professional
    • Listen to the citizens

  • Vice Mayor John Kocjan Open or Close

    1. Secure a revenue stream to service bond debt load.

    2. Increase water allocation

    3. Infrastructure improvements

  • Councilor Mike Bryan Open or Close


    • City government is set up to meet the needs of its citizens first and the wants second
    • City government needs to be only as large as needed to get the job done
    • All citizens have the right to be heard
    • City officials should strive to lead by example
    • Honesty is the foundation of governance
    • Seek to understand then to be understood


    • Year one- Adopt a budget that allows the City to stay financially solvent
    • Address long-term debt issues
    • Avoid any future debt encumbrances<
    • Judicially exam all land sales
    • Be an active liaison for the Tourism Board
    • Create a future budget based on priorities and a vision


  • Councilor Scott Sadler Open or Close

    1. Work to increase the availability and access to City related meetings and events including City Council, Boards and Commissions, City hosted events; through various technology including having a local access channel to televise meetings and City events, by using the internet, cable services and any other means.

    2. Work to see an increase in City and private events in the City of Page, including events for citizens and visitors.

    3. See the City of Page Community Development proactively recruit industry, businesses and retail establishments to the City.

  • Councilor Levi Tappan Open or Close

    • The debt that is crippling the growth of Page
    • Families of Page are a constant priority. The Recreational Department and Community Center are fundamental to keeping families in Page
    • Partnerships, especially with local businesses that want to support the City of Page
    • Proponent of education and look forward to working with the school district and community college
    • Increased communication
    • The City’s land is a finite resource that must be guarded and not given away or sold to languish as empty undeveloped lots and vacant store fronts
    • Ultimate priority is to the voters, individual rights including voter approved referendums. This includes ensuring state and local laws are enforced before federal laws pursuant to current Arizona case laws

  • Councilor Korey Seyler Open or Close

    Short Term - 1 year

    1.  Understand, amend and implement nuisance and zoning code that encourages economic development, and quality of life for our businesses and citizens

         ~ Organize information for citizens and businesses to quickly access

         ~ Organize regulation of code

         ~ Manage strategies with the larger priorities in mind

    2.  Responsibly council on managing City asset at Horseshoe Bend parking lot

         ~ Acquire complete data on the area to move towards the most sustainable management of the parking

         ~ Work closely with the National Park Service to develop in unity with their plans for Horseshoe Bend

         ~ Make sure that continued maintenance on the asset is financially responsible and attainable

    3.  Organize the City staff to work on the needs of the City

         ~ Find the right employees for the jobs needed

         ~ Support/encourage staff to progress the City based on the goals and vision of the City Council and our citizens

         ~ Implement clear directive for boards and commission members so we are all working together

    Long Term - 2-5 years

    1.  Develop clear, financial algorithm for yearly City spending on capital improvements, maintenance, debt, staff, public safety, etc.

    2.  Educate and implement a means for citizens to become aware of City's goals and projects and volunteer opportunities

         ~ A more intuitive way to communicate to the public is necessary

    3.  Implement ways to bolster City work force, through:

         ~ New businesses and job creation

         ~ Encourage seasonal/rental housing in the City

         ~ Inquire with Coconino Councy Community College and businesses to set up programs to develop young professionals

             in our City's work force

         ~ Research mose efficient means for retention of good employees

    4.  Update Block 17


  • Councilor Dennis Warner Open or Close

    Short Term - One Year:
    (No order of preference)

    4. Budget and Finance Priorities

    • Maintain fiscal integrity and identify key result areas and goals to accomplish within the current budget year.
    • Identify measures to enhance the City’s revenue stream such as:
    • Evaluate existing Model City Tax Code to assure that we are gaining all fair and equitable forms of tax revenue.
    • Collaborate with the business community to create ways to provide for business development and revenue enhancement.
    • Conduct City-owned land audit to identify parcels with potential sales and specific development potential.

    5. Tourism, Economic and Community Development priorities:

    • Commission a master plan design for the Horseshoe Bend open space, parking and trail corridor.

    6. Other

    • Evaluate pay and benefit package for city employees with help from third party survey of other benchmark communities inclusive of private sector jobs. Include analysis and financial viability of ASRS and PSPRS pension plans and explore all options.


    Long Term - Two-Five Years:

    1. Budget and Finance

    • Establish a five-year financial plan encompassing bond debt, staff restructuring, community development, beautification and city programs.

    2. Tourism, Economic and Community Development

    • Seek funding and development of improvements at the Horseshoe Bend parking, trail and open space.
    • Establish a city/neighborhood revitalization and improvement program and develop an organizational process to tackle the breadth of housing, neighborhood and city-wide degradation issues.
    • Review, update, overhaul or abandon the existing Gateway Development Plan in lieu of a new comprehensive community development ordinance.