2024 Primary Election – Tuesday, August 6, 2024

2024 General Election – Tuesday, November 5, 2024



One (1) Mayor seat for a two-year term

Three (3) Council Member seats for a four-year term


Complete candidate packets for 2024 Candidate election will be available January 2, 2024 in the City Clerk’s Office.  It is recommended that an appointment be scheduled with the City Clerk to pick up your packet.

The City of Page Council is comprised of the Mayor and six (6) Council Members.  The Mayor is elected from the city at large for a 2-year term and Council members are elected from the city at large for 4-year terms.  The Mayor election and Council election are every 2 years.  To avoid having all the Council seats expire in the same year, terms are staggered with three (3) Council Members elected at one election and three (3) Council Members elected 2 years later. 

Page Mayor and Council elections are held in August of even-numbered years.  If no candidate for an office receives a majority of the votes cast for that office at the Primary Election in August, a runoff election is held in November at the General Election.  The Mayor and Council members shall assume their new office within 20 days of the General Election, even if all offices are filled at the Primary Election. 


Requirements to run for Mayor and City Council:

The State of Arizona requires the Mayor and Councilmembers to be:

  • Qualified electors of the City
  • Must be eighteen years of age or over
  • Cannot hold any other public office that in any way conflicts with the office of Mayor or Councilmember
  • Resident of the City of Page for one year preceding the date of election or appointment to office

Candidate Nomination forms must be filed with the City Clerk at 697 Vista Avenue, Page, Arizona 86040.  The earliest date prospective candidates may file their nomination forms is March 11, 2024, and the last day to file forms is April 8, 2024 by 5:00 p.m. 

The forms contained in the packets are subject to change without notice, and prospective candidates are responsible for submitting the correct forms in order to run for a City office.


Voter Eligibility Requirements

Qualified electors must register prior to midnight 29-days preceding the date of the election.  An individual is eligible to register to vote as provided in state law:  A.R.S. §9-822A.R.S. §16-101 and A.R.S. §16-121

Candidate Information Flyer

● Statement of Interest – This form must be filed with the City Clerk’s Office prior to any signatures being collected. 

● Committee Statement of Organization – If candidates will be spending or receiving, in any combination, more than $500 during the election cycle, this form must be filed.  Please maintain all documentation so that this form may be filed once the candidate hits the $500 level.

● Candidate Nonpartisan Petitions – Completed petitions may be filed between March 11, 2024, and April 8, 2024. The Statement of Interest must be filed with the City Clerk prior to being circulated. (Petitions should be double-sided so that circulator’s affidavit appears on the back of the petition.)

● Candidate Nonpartisan Nomination Paper – This form will be filed on the same day, along with the signed petitions and completed Financial Disclosure Statement. 

● Financial Disclosure Statement – This form will be filed along with the signed petitions and completed Nonpartisan Nomination Paper.

● Financial Disclosure Statement Guide – This guidebook explains how to complete the above Financial Disclosure Statement. 

● Campaign Finance Candidate Guide – This guidebook explains how to establish a Candidate Committee when a city or town candidate receives contributions or made expenditures (in any combination) of at least $500.

Write-in Candidate Nomination Paper

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